Pet Groomer in in Grandville, MI

Dog Grooming Services in Grandville, MI

We believe that regular grooming is an essential element in every dog's health and well being. Our spa products contain no chemicals or phosphates. Our experienced certified groomers are among the best in the industry and will keep clients dogs in optimal hygiene and looking fabulous at the same time.

We focus on making your pet look and feel their best. Be sure to check out our services page for more information about your dogs groom!

Our spa menu provides a selection of luxurious and healthy spa treatments. Your dog's coat, skin, teeth and nails will look, smell and feel better. We also offer a wide range of specialty spa treatments such as mud baths, therapeutic massages, hair dye, and plaque dental treatments.

Prices vary for full grooms, and depend on the size, breed, and condition of your dog. Free grooming consultations are available to meet the groomers and discuss all grooming needs.

Sanitary Trim

For long hair doggies, sanitary hair cutting may be needed to cut long fur from around the bum.

Anal Gland Expression

Anal gland expression can help hinder symptoms connected with anal gland irritation. Glands can become infected if liquids are not drained naturally.

Bath & Brush

Our bath service includes shampoo matched for your pets' coat type, leave in conditioner, brush out, nail trimming and filing, and ear cleansing.

Teeth Brushing

Protect against bad breath, tooth loss, and gum disease with regular teeth cleaning for a  healthy smile.

Ear Cleaning

A dog's ears are delicate and vulnerable to infection, excessive wax buildup, and ear mites. Cleaning your pet's ears reduces build-up to help hinder infections and reduce the smell.

Nail Trim

We cut nails to a prudent length, just short of the toenail quick. Nail trimming prevents painful nail cracking or nails breaking.

Face Trim

Several pooches need a haircut from around their face. Our groomer will be able to help you identify the perfect style for your dog.


We provide breed-specific haircuts. Cuts feature shampoo, dry, and hair trimmed on their head,  paws, and bum.

Full-Service Grooming

Your pet is going to be given a bath, clipped, combed, and beautiful head to toe.

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